:-) Another Satisfied Customer :-)

"Here is our beautiful painting at Lotus Garden. Thank you so much!!! " - Gay Williams, Virginia.


When I first saw the piece Blessing, I immediately felt connected to it. It stirred up the feelings of falling in love and the blissful surround of discovery of another's soul mixing with yours. I gifted it to my husband and he teared up when receiving it. It evoked the same connection to our love as well. I'll always treasure this work of art. Thank you, Erin for sharing your artistic visions with the world.  Christina Costelo Olympia, WA



"This was done by Erin for me after my dog Maggie passed away. I couldn't have have asked for a better painting

to serve as a memorial of My late, great friend Maggie. " Will Magri, Maryland



"I own a beach rental home in Fire Island, NY. Erin came out to visit and pretty much every morning we couldn't find her. We know she wasn't in the bars because they weren't open. Turns out, she was sneaking off to capture some of the unique beauty of this famous barrier island with its classic black and white lighthouse. I chose this watercolor print to be the postcard for the many many renters Ideal with each year. I send it out in the dead of the NY winter as a 'thank you' and gentle reminder of good summers past and goodsummers coming. I tell them if they look very carefully, they can see Donald Trump's toupee in the background."

Wally Nichols, New York



"This is my second painting from Ms. Koch's website.  I had seen it exhibited and having just moved, was in need of a major piece for above the mantel in freshly painted living room.  Lovely rich colors, right size, nicely framed and matted, a very original work!  I tried to describe it and couldn't quite categorize it; knew what it wasn't... magical surrealism was suggested and I concurred.  Wonderful, inspiring work, I read my life chronologically left to right with me in the boat having crossed over the chasm of raising a child but able to go back or move on into the moonlight, yeah!  Certainly others read it differently...  One of my favorite possessions, I would grab it and my guitar if the house was on fire.  Wouldn't sell it for a hundred times what I paid for it!" John Teagle, Musician, New York




"I've always loved Erin's work and wanted to add a piece that would reflect the serenity of Lotus Garden or the Garrison Institute into my home. This watercolor was perfect. Erin was more than helpful in the framing process as I needed to bring out the color in the painting. Packaging was meticulous and shipping was prompt. Pricing was more than reasonable. Thank you, Erin!" Joe Nunn, Colorado 2016




"I have purchased a number of Erin Koch's paintings & drawings over the years. Large or small, delicate or powerful, they bring wonderful energy to our home. Her sharp eye and luminous rendering of landscapes and mindscapes wake me up to the magic of this world." Meredith Fuller, Writer, Nebraska




"I have two of Erin’s paintings – a small watercolor sketch over the dining room table and a large landscape in the hall.  I pause at them often or look up and catch a glimpse into them -  places of color and wonder –light and shadow - fence, wall, sky,  forest, a greenhouse suggested by strokes of paint – a tree – a field – forest just beyond.   Love them!" Jim Coleman, Architect, New York